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With TalkTextsm, now everyone in your company can read their voicemail. It's the ultimate time saving business tool! Converts voice to text!

  • Read your messages in a fraction of the time it takes to listen
  • Scan content to get right to urgent messages
  • Ideal for mobile professionals
  • Voice to text is searchable with common search tools
  • Sort, copy, paste, print or forward. No note taking
  • Works with BlackBerry®, Treo™, cell phones, laptops and desktop computers
  • To learn more about how TalkText works and how it can benefit your business, click here.

Now, easily add the convenience of converting voicemail to text to all your business locations and for everyone in your company. FreedomVOICE products combined with TalkText offer tremendous advantages. One account, unlimited flexibility.

  1. Small Business Owners using the versatile FreedomVOICE Systems' virtual office can add TalkText to read messages in a fraction of the time it takes to listen.

  1. Real Estate Professionals using our AdTrakker lead generation system can add TalkText to quickly scan voicemail messages to locate hot prospects.

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Voice to Text... Voice Recognition Software Helps Businesses

Voice recognition software resulting in voice to text transcription is becoming one of the more useful technology tools available to businesses of all sizes today. Now, reading your voicemail is quickly becoming the "gotta have" feature for cell phones, BlackBerrys®, Treos™ and laptops. Although they had not been made useful for business applications, voice recognition and voice to text technology has been around for some time. Recently, however, by applying advanced voice recognition software and high-level algorithms to telephone messages, extremely accurate voice to text transcription has made reading voicemail possible. Learn more.

How It Works

TalkText works like this: When a TalkText subscriber receives a message, it is sent through the voice recognition process and a text version of the message is generated. That message is then sent to the subscriber as an email, or just as a text message. Attached is an audio file of the recorded voicemail. The entire voice to text process takes between 2-5 minutes, depending on the length of the message.

Benefits To Business

So, now you can Read Your Voicemail™, instead of just listening. Think about the benefits voice recognition technology offers business people.

  • You have an important presentation and are waiting for a call from the office with information you need. You get lots of voicemail messages and instead of burning an hour listening to each and every one, you scan the voice to text content with your handheld and find just the message you need.
  • Because you now can Read Your Voicemail™ messages, you will never again have to sit through idle chit-chat to get to the critical ones.
  • TalkText allows you to Read Your Voicemail™ messages on a BlackBerry®, Treo™, most cell phones, laptops and desk computers.
  • No need to take notes from your voicemail because, thanks to advanced voice recognition algorithms, your messages are text files which can be sorted, cut, pasted, forwarded and printed. And you can use common search tools to look for specific content. Because of voice to text technology, you have a virtual secretary. Dictate emails, leave messages and send yourself memos which you can then file or forward.
  • Copy phone numbers right into your address book (computer or phone)
  • You can save important messages for later use because you get the audio file attachment of voicemail messages emailed to you.

TalkText is the product name for FreedomVOICE Systems' offering, combining the power of voice recognition software with the business-enhancing ability to convert voice to text. Now, you can add the convenience of reading your voicemail to all your office locations and for everyone in your company.

© 2015, FreedomVOICE Systems, All Rights Reserved | Corporate Information | ™ "Read Your Voicemail" is a trademark of PhoneTag. Used under license.